Do you hold a traditional (also called "non-linked") life insurance plan that guarantees you certain benefits but doesn't directly show you where your money is invested,

Some time back, I came across some incredibly simple Financial Planning advice from none other than Scott Adams, the legendary cartoonist and creator of the Dilbert series.

Debt funds have grown in popularity in recent times, with deposit rates having fallen to near 6.5% levels across maturities in the last few months. However, many investors

As parents, we all love our kids dearly! Yet, many of us come up woefully short when it comes to taking some basic measures towards securing their financial future.

Mutual Funds have gathered remarkable momentum in recent times - that the industry's AUM (Assets under Management) have zoomed from 12 lakh crores to 19 lakh crores

India’s bellwether stock market index, the 50-share Nifty, touched its all-time high late last month; crossing the psychologically important 9,300 mark for the first time

Hailed as "arguably the greatest global stock-picker of the century" by Money magazine in 1999, Sir John Templeton, founder of the John Templeton Foundation, could teach us a thing or two about creating wealth from equities.

There's a new business model in town - and it involves vilifying your trusty Mutual Fund Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) and espousing direct plans of Mutual Funds instead.

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