“JFM”, as the last three months of the fiscal are so fondly referred to at the offices of Life Insurance agents, is halfway through. Much to their delight, this is also the time of the

Where do you save for your retirement? Simply stacking away money won't help; since your retirement is likely to be a long-term goal, your choice of instrument can have a massive impact

Turning 40 is considered an important milestone in our lives. Your 30’s are a tumultuous decade, filled with significant life changes ranging from marriage and parenthood to

The Fixed Proportion Portfolio helps to create a portfolio to meet financial goals and to keep emotions and market timing away from letting a portfolio grow. This approach

Consider this. You’re the director of research at a world renowned pharmaceutical company. You’ve recently invested Rs 50 crore towards the development

The saying “money begets money” holds more than a grain of truth when it comes to describing how the super rich put their idle cash to use. As a group, the moneyed tend

A technique to diversify your investment horizon, i.e., time diversification, is also known as dollar cost averaging.

Cash is passé. The world is witnessing a shift towards a cashless society, with Sweden emerging as the unlikely leader in the race. Per the Swedish central bank (Riksbank), cash transactions made up barely 2%

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