“Know what you own, and know why you own it” – Peter Lynch

There are a number of practical ways to mitigate risk of investing. In the first part we covered asset allocation, in this blog, we cover Diversification.

The headline of the blog, will lead you to believe that I belong to the equities camp but believe me, it was not like that always. I too, like most of us, grew up believing that real estate

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. - Benjamin Franklin.

Keeping ourselves updated with the latest information in the personal finance domain

A number of tax saving instruments qualify under Section 80(C). Unfortunately, a number of these instruments do not really have the potential to create wealth for you over the

Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plans (SIP's) are all the rage right now. Advisors and Asset Management Companies alike are espousing the benefits of making 'bite sized' monthly investments

The Brexit crash last Friday as expected has made investors anxious and jittery. That being said, as per yesterday’s article in The Economic Times, the Sensex has weathered

The overall Assets under Management (AUM) figure of the Indian Mutual Fund Industry is fast hurtling towards the 14 lakh crore mark. As a product, Mutual Funds have gained in popularity over the past few years,

Majority of us work for more than 200 hours a month to earn our income but unfortunately, spend less than an hour deciding on whom to give that money. I committed the same folly

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