In today's age of rising costs, increasing financial demands and constant demand for "keeping up with the neighbours" (and their Facebook posts!), it's become increasingly challenging

Almost all of us are familiar with the Income Tax Section 80C through which we can deduct up to Rs 1,50,000 from our taxable income and save up to Rs 46,350. In this blog, let’s

There's a certain magic in "goal based investing" compared to making ad hoc investments. Before you start a new investment, ask yourself: "What exactly are you saving for?"

Are you losing Rs 1 Lakh to Mysterious Expenses? You might well be, as per a recent survey conducted by YouGov and Visa. According to the study, Indians lose nearly a

Nearly all Investors have at some point in their lives made investment decisions they have regretted later. Here's a list of what can be counted as the top "three mistakes of an investor's life".

I fondly remember the days when as a teenager I used to go to movie theatre in an army cantonment and patiently wait for the interval to grab a dosa which cost Rs 2.50 in the early 90’s.

Investment Guru Warren Buffet once rightly said - "Cash and Courage combined, in a moment of crisis, are priceless". This simple line probably embodies 90 per cent of the 'wisdom'

I wish I had these insights when I was starting my career. If you are in your 20’s and start implementing the strategies outlined below, you will be wealthier than 95%

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