There are opinions and then there are facts. Facts are not dependent on time, location or market cycles. In other words, these facts will hold true whether you live in India or North America,

By Arjun Sarkar

It all started in 2004 with a decision to pursue a MBA in Canada with just under 3 years of experience under my belt and a savings of less than Rs 1 lakhs. The anticipated cash outflow for 2 years of MBA in those days was close to Rs 35 Lakhs.

“Health is not valued till sickness comes.” Thomas Fuller

The quote sums it up well. Many of us take our health for granted and as a result, health insurance is not something we value until of course, sickness strikes

The first thing everyone looks at before selecting a mutual fund is past returns, which is important, but does not assure you achieving the objective for which you selected the fund in the first place.

It is an open confession, I have made a couple of mistakes I outline below however, I was fortunate that good sense prevailed at the right time.

The Mantra is simple and you must have heard about it multiple times. But as they say, common sense may not be common practice. Also, if the principle sounds simple and unpretentious,

In the last week’s blog, we covered some of the critical financial challenges that you will encounter in your lifetime. This week, we will focus our attention on the time tested principles to overcome

It is very difficult to solve problems or overcome challenges if one is not aware of their existence. The objective of this blog is to make you aware of the critical financial challenges.

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